Pizzas today are very popular with young and not so young alike. It is a convenient meal that can be ordered by the touch of a button. For those of us who opt to make our own, pizza tends to be even more popular because we can pick and choose the ingredients to our liking.

The most popular pizza toppings for a basic pizza are tomatoes, mozzarella and oregano. Then we build on that. One of the most popular pizzas being ordered is the Capricciosa. This pizza is made up of the basic ingredients i.e. tomatoes, mozzarella and oregano with the addition of ham, salami, olives, hard boiled eggs, mushrooms, peas and artichokes.

Closely following the Capricciosa pizza in its popularity, is the Quattro Staggioni (Four Seasons) pizza. The basic ingredients are there again though this time with the addition of just the ham, mushrooms, artichokes and olives. The above two pizzas are very similar with respect to ingredients.

Following these two pizzas, next in line, comes the speciality of the house. This is a pizza which is usually laden with various ingredients. Such an example of a pizza speciality of the house would have the following ingredients: tomato sauce, mozzarella, oregano, mushrooms, ham, green peppers, pepperoni, artichokes, eggs, pork, Maltese sausage, frankfurters and parmesan cheese. There are quite a few varieties of the speciality pizza but what all the pizzerias have in common is that they all try to load these pizzas with as many ingredients as possible to be able to provide a complete meal offering good value for money.

After these three filling pizzas, very surprisingly the next popular pizza is the Margherita where you have your basic tomatoes, mozzarella and oregano. This is the pizza for the person who likes a plain solid meal with no frills. Following that, is another pizza with very few ingredients – the Napolitana. This is very similar to the Margherita. The only difference is that instead of oregano, this pizza has anchovies. Although similar to the Margherita in ingredients, regarding taste, the two pizzas are completely different as the salty anchovies add zest to the plain pizza.

Lastly, the Marinara (seafood) pizza is also popular. This pizza‘s ingredients are mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, anchovies, prawns, garlic salt, olives and mussels. This is a pizza for a seafood lover. Sometimes special ingredients such as crab or lobster are added to this pizza to make it more exotic.

{July 15, 2012}